Imagination is a powerful thing, which is why phone sex is so popular

If you are a reader and lover of books, then you already know that nothing compares with the thrills of a well written, well thought of story particularly when it draws on the imagination of the reader to bring stories to life.

Sure, the technology behind the movie industry has moved in leaps and bounds over the past decades, and I saw this technological advancement first hand when I brought my first 4K TV home the other day.  If you don’t know what that is, and you love movies, then you really should…  The image these new TVs are able to deliver is really quite incredible and you want to know how incredible, then just think of this:  I went to see Mission Impossible, the other day, (I know…) and as I was enjoying my glass of wine, (yes, we were in one of those theaters), I leaned over to my girl friend and remarked that the image on that multi million dollar screen didn’t really look that much better than what we already had at home, hung on our living room. That’s how good these images are…

Of course not all programming is done to make use of this wonderful new technology (yet) but unlike other advancements that looked incredible but proved nothing more than gimmick … drums for curved TVs… this one looks like a winner.  And why wouldn’t it be?  These new TV’s give you 4 times more definition than the one provided by the TV in your own living room and right now cost as much as it cost you when you first bought your own set… I am not selling TVs… but really you should have a look.

Imagine-CreateBut with all that technology, and all the special effects, you should see the motorcycle chase in the new mission impossible by the way, movies still lack the essential… Imagination.

That’s what book readers love and the reason why most of us will always read a book first…  To create within our own mind that which a movie theater cannot.  To color a scene with our imagination, to insert ourselves fully into the story and quite possibly make it our own.

And that is exactly what happens when you choose cheap phone sex for your own, rather intimate entertainment. And this is exactly why the phone sex industry has been able to retain a dominant section of the adult entertainment industry.  Why? Because it is safe, convenient and able to draw on imagination, that which defines you as a person. Some say it’s also cheaper to call a hot phone chat line, then it is to take a potential date out, but that is the subject of another article!  🙂